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IGN 4-12-01 Issue 4 Precast concrete pipes – unreinforced and reinforced, with flexible joints

This note gives general information and guidance on precast unreinforced and reinforced concrete pipes with flexible joints as currently specified in BS 5911: Part 100. For clarity, references to bends and junctions have been omitted. Pipes with rebated (including ogee) joints, prestressed pipes, precast pipes of composite construction and porous pipes are not covered but Appendix A shows the range of products covered by the BS 5911 series and the logical part numbering systems which is being applied to new or revised standards. Information on imported granular and selected as-dug bedding and sidefill materials is given in IGN No. 4-08-01.


One or more ‘Common Editorial Caveats’ apply – see ‘WIS & IGN Library / Navigation & Caveats’ for details.

BS 5911:100 was withdrawn upon the publication of BS EN 1916: 2002 & the complementary publication of BS 5911-1: 2002 as amended (+A2: 2010). The latter was replaced by BS 5911:2021 which remains complementary to BS EN 1916: 2002.

Based on the Standards Board’s enquiries of stakeholders (Autumn 2021) the consensus view is that the existing document is likely to require review, archiving and possible replacement. The Board has therefore initiated (January 2022) a preliminary review of its continuing relevance.


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