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WIS 4-02-04 Issue 1 Operational Requirements: In Situ Polymeric Lining of Sewer Pipelines

These Operational Requirements cover material selection, pipeline cleaning, application, curing and, inspection requirements needed to provide non-structural protective coatings, semi structural or fully structural in situ spray applied linings to pipelines and other non-circular assets constructed of iron, steel, asbestos cement, concrete, clay, plastic, pitch fibre or as limited by the material Instructions for Use (IFU) using polymeric lining materials for the in situ lining of sewer pipelines.

These polymeric materials are placed in situ by spray application to pipelines of nominal 3″ (75mm) diameter and above or as limited by the IFU.

Additional information and advice is presented in the Code of Practice: In Situ Polymeric Lining of Sewer Pipelines IGN 4-02-05.

Material-specific information and advice including lining design information (if appropriate) is presented in the Instructions for Use (IFU) document provided by the material manufacturer.

It is the responsibility of the Sewerage Undertaker to ensure that all practices conducted on the sewerage network do not pose a risk to the operational capability of the system.


The document has not been reviewed for its continued currency since publication.

One or more ‘Common Editorial Caveats’ apply – see ‘WIS & IGN Library / Navigation & Caveats’ for details.

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