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WIS 4-25-01 Issue 1 Specification for the use of steel tanks in the water industry

This document specifies the requirements for the design, materials, fabrication, installation and testing of welded or bolted rectangular and cylindrical steel tanks. The tanks may be for open or closed operations in unpressurised conditions and may be in free-standing, buried or elevated situations.

It also covers helically wound corrugated tanks for use in buried applications.

The Specification is applicable to contracts for the supply of steel tanks under which the Supplier is responsible for the design, supply and installation of all steelwork, including the provision of a corrosion protection system and attachment of ancillary items.


The document has not been reviewed for its continued currency since publication.

One or more ‘Common Editorial Caveats’ apply – see ‘WIS & IGN Library / Navigation & Caveats’ for details.

The Standards Board understands that the philosophy and approach of the document, from a tank manufacturer’s viewpoint, continues to have merit in several key areas. However, caution in its interpretation and use is advised, since developments in BS & EN standards, as well as technology, particularly in relation to site bolted tanks, means that significant areas of the document could do with updating.

For example, in regard to technology, the document refers to rectangular tanks manufactured from hot-pressed steel panels to BS 1564. There is now an alternative type of site assembled/bolted rectangular tank available, that is not based upon a hot-pressed steel panel.

The Board further understands that discussions have been held over several years regarding the need for the steel tank industry to work with BSi to develop a British Standard or Code of Practice for site bolted tanks that would either update or complement BS 1564. To date no consensus exists on progressing such an initiative.

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