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Missing WIS & IGN

Public Appeal for Missing Documents

The Standards Board is making a public appeal for copies of WIS & IGN currently missing from its Library. A downloadable list of the documents sought is provided below (note the specific issue / version number being sought). Individuals possessing copies are invited to notify the Board’s Technical Secretary via the Contact Us page. Following their transfer, these will be uploaded to the relevant section of the Library for the benefit of the wider industry. If you see a document has been donated but not yet uploaded to the website you can contact the Technical Secretary to obtain a copy.

Why? Because such documents continue to have value in relation to assets or materials manufactured, specified, designed, procured, installed or maintained during the period a document was current. For example, to support condition / serviceability assessment of an asset; or to investigate an asset’s failure.

This appeal (originally limited to versions already in softcopy) has now been extended to include the supply of documents that currently exist in hardcopy only. Donors can either scan and submit a PDF version of the document or can post a copy (use Contact Us below for direct mailing address details) to the WUK Standards Board Technical Secretary who will scan & upload the document.

As documents are received the downloadable list will be updated to indicate the reducing number of documents sought. Unless anonymity is requested, the name of the individual / organisation contributing the document will be listed in recognition of their contribution.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Got a document to contribute? Let us know.