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Share Your Expertise

Share your expertise

Want to be part of the Standards Community? This page explains how opportunities can arise – either through succession to an outgoing WUK Standards Representative or by filling a vacancy on a BSI Committees, many of which ‘mirror’ their equivalent CEN or ISO committee. View current opportunities.

Succession Opportunities

There is occasional turnover (e.g. from: retirement; workload / career change; committee restructuring) in the ranks of Board Members, Standards Representatives and UK experts. Where there is an incumbent this provides for succession planning. A typical handover period of 3-12 months allows for familiarisation, mentoring & bedding in of the successor in the role.


Where the position is already vacant the WUK Technical Secretary can provide a briefing on the role and its requirements. Guidance on the role of a WUK Standards Representative and the benefits of becoming one can be downloaded at the foot of this page.

Enquiries welcome

Details of current Standards Representative succession opportunities and vacancies can be found on ‘Share your Expertise / Recruiting Now‘. Further details can be obtained from the Standards Board Technical Secretary.

How it works

WUK Standards Representatives’ nominations to BSI Committees

Water UK can nominate appropriately experienced / qualified individuals as its ‘Standards Representatives’ on committees run by the UK National Standards Body (BSI). Such committees are responsible for the development and periodic review of one or more national (BS) standards. Individuals’ time & expenses are expected to be met by their employer.

BSI nomination of ‘UK Experts’ to CEN or ISO Committees

Many BSI committees ‘mirror’ their CEN counterparts in order to influence mandatory EN standards’ development, approval and subsequent maintenance.

Nomination of ‘UK Experts’ to attend a CEN Technical Committee (TC) or one of its working groups (WG) is determined by the BSI mirror committee not WUK. However, due to their expertise, WUK Standards Representatives are frequently nominated, with their agreement, by BSI to attend CEN/TC and/or CEN/TC WG meetings (currently virtual) in the capacity of ‘UK Expert’.

A similar principle applies in the development of International (ISO) Standards, although their adoption by BSI is not mandatory.

More details of the rules under which BSI committees operate & committees’ relationships with their CEN & ISO counterparts are described in BS 0: 2021 (offsite link)