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IGN 4-01-02 Issue 3 The determination of end-loads for the performance testing of fittings for polyethylene pipe

The purpose of this Information and Guidance Note is to set out the method of calculation of longitudinal tensile loads between a fitting and a pipe induced by water pressure and temperature changes in the pipe.

It provides a basis for the formulation of test criteria to assess the resistance of mechanical fittings to these ‘end loads’ or ‘pull out’ loads for below ground, water supply applications in the water industry.

It does not include methods of longitudinal tensile (pull out) testing but details the equations needed to calculate the loads and examples for those operating conditions which can be predicted.

It is intended that this document be used by those involved in the future preparation of specifications to ensure that a consistent approach is adopted in the testing of mechanical fittings for water industry applications.

This document is not intended to be used as a Specification.


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