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The Standards Board conducts regular horizon scanning to identify emerging themes where new, or updated, standards may be beneficial. Development of such standards may be in train (at national, European or international level) but, if not, may warrant promotion of a new WIS or IGN.

The following tables list the themes the Board is currently monitoring under the headings:

  • Key industry inputs
  • Protection & enhancement of:
    • Water services
    • Wastewater services
    • Long-term service

Short, downloadable, strategy papers are being prepared on each theme by the Board member tasked with owning it. Available and intended papers are listed below.

Key Industry Inputs

Chemical supply chain resilienceMartin Padleyv19/9/22Increasing costs / Industry wide resilience issueClick here to read strategy document
Drinking Water DirectiveAlan Brownv19/9/22Links to work with WUK Drinking Water CommitteeClick here to read strategy document

Protection & Enhancement of Water Services

LeadAlan Brownv19/9/22Potential for a new WIS or IGN / enhancement of an existing one. WUK Drinking Water Committee to be asked for its assessment of standards gaps / need for a WIS or IGN.Click here to read strategy document
Water network maintenanceMartin Padleyv19/9/22Includes Leakage, Mains Repairs & InterruptionsClick here to read strategy document
Performance Labelling for water efficiency/PCCPaul Millardv19/9/22Links to customers’ PCC targets. Standards Board may get involved once customers’ criteria established.Click here to read strategy document
Stored water systems.Alan Brownv1In preparationCurrent review of BS EN 1508; Contamination issues during SR maintenance; Changes in construction methods.
Threat of extreme weather Jason Dearlovev19/9/22WUK Drinking Water and Environment Committees to be asked for their assessments of standards gaps.Click here to read strategy document
Trace OrganicsMartin Padleyv1In preprationEmerging area, DWI interest and PR24.

Protection & Enhancement of Wastewater Services

Internal sewer floodingJason Dearlovev19/9/22Focus is extreme weather rather than just sewer flooding. Right to connect now prompting flooding in extreme weather. Link to building standards. Variety of solutions / mitigations. Click here to read strategy document
MicroplasticsMartin Padleyv19/9/22Emotive political issue. Maintain watching brief whilst asking what standards can contribute. Example: Scottish shellfish industries -
continental aeration at river mouths asserted to raise microplastics affecting fish stocks.
Click here to read strategy document
Pollution incidentsJason Dearlovev19/9/22Potential need to address good practice procedural techniques as well as asset mgt. issues. Review once other strategy lines mature when it could be combined.Click here to read strategy document
Sewer managementJason Dearlovev19/9/22Perceived gap around sewer lining / rehab to progress lower cost solutions. Reducing infiltration (e.g. in higher water table locations) – via rehab methods could reduce CSO operation.Click here to read strategy document
Sustainable sludge managementJason Dearlovev19/9/22Plastics going into soils (on /off for 30 years) with periodic public concern following specific events.Click here to read strategy document

Protection & Enhancement of Long-term Service

Brexit & BSIPaul Millardv19/9/22BSI's ongoing contribution to the development of EN standardsClick here to read strategy document
Role of Standards ChampionsPaul Millardv19/9/22Combine Standards Champions and interactions with Water UK NetworksClick here to read strategy document
Sustainable WIS/IGN managementMartin Padleyv19/9/22Major project underway.Click here to read strategy document