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Current Vacancies for WUK Standards Representatives

Water Supply

  • B/504/-/1 Water supply – External systems and components *
  • B/504/-/2 Water supply – Internal systems & components * 
  • EH/6 Effects of materials on water quality **


  • B/505/1 General requirements for products used in wastewater applications *
  • B/505/10 Renovation and repair of drains and sewers *
  • B/505/22 Drain and Sewer Systems Outside Buildings – Mirrors CEN/TC 165 Drainage outside buildings

* These vacancies support WUK nominated individuals who have become Committee Chairs creating the additional positions.

** The role-holder has the opportunity to become a UK expert on CEN/TC 164/WG3 Effects of materials on water quality


  • CB/503 Drinking Water & Wastewater Service Levels – Mirrors ISO/TC 224 Drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems and services
  • EH/5 sludge standardisation – Mirrors CEN/TC 308 Characterisation of sludges and ISO/TC 275 Sludge recovery, treatment, recycling & disposal

CEN Committees (subject to BSI endorsement)

  • CEN/TC 165/WG22 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings
  • CEN/TC 165/WG40 Wastewater treatment plants exceeding 50 population threshold

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