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WIS 4-01-04 Issue 1 Specification for the audit of water industry risk assessments and risk management processes

This specification has been prepared by the Water UK Task and Finish Group for Risk Assessment Certification under the direction of the Water UK Standards Board and it addresses the following objectives:

  • It recognises the use of BS EN 15975-2:2013 and aligns risk assessment and risk management requirements with that standard to provide compatibility;
  • It provides additional detail regarding current UK practice in relation to WSP activities;
  • It provides a framework upon which inspections of WSP activities can be implemented;
  • It provides a robust approach to ensure that all water company risk assessments carried out against Regulation 9 and Regulation 27 of the Regulations can be used as a basis to justify a risk based approach to sampling frequency. The regulatory reporting requirements for WSP are included in Regulation 28 (Regulations 28 and 29 respectively in Wales) of the Regulations.

The references provided were current at the time of writing this Water Industry Specification.

Compliance with this specification does not itself confer immunity from legal obligations.

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